Alfa Romeo at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show

The most eagerly awaited moment of the year has arrived for Alfa Romeo: from  April 15th , it will be possible to order the new Giulia in all markets throughout the EMEA area.

In a world-wide preview, visitors to  the Geneva International Motor Show will have the opportunity to admire four versions of the new model, representing the extensive range available, made of  three trim levels (Giulia, Super and Quadrifoglio) and six new engines: 150 and 180 HP  2.2-litre diesel with six speed manual or 8 speed automatic transmission, 200 HP 2.0-litre 8 speed automatic transmission and  510 HP 2.9-litre V6 BiTurbo Petrol engine with 6 speed manual transmission.


Alfa Romeo Giulia


The new Giulia, with its distinctively Italian design, features an impeccable sense of proportion, simplicity and superior surface quality finish, enveloping and placing the driver at the centre.

Choosing rear-wheel drive is more than a simple tribute to the most authentic roots of the Alfa Romeo legend: it is also a technical solution which secures high performance, astounding fun and an exhilarating drive. A further particularity of the Giulia is the optimal weight distribution across the two axles, the sophisticated suspension system (Alfa Romeo patent) and the most direct steering in the market segment. In addition, the Alfa Romeo Giulia combines extraordinary engine performance and ample use of ultralight materials, like carbon fibre, aluminium, aluminium composite and plastic, to obtain the best weight-to-power ratio (less than 3 in the Quadrifoglio version).


In keeping with Alfa Romeo traditions, the new Giulia offers unique technical solutions that make it the benchmark for its segment. The more sophisticated features include the Integrated Brake System (IBS) to considerably reduce braking distance, and active suspension for exceptional comfort. Exclusive to the Quadrifoglio version, Torque Vectoring technology affords excellent torque distribution between the two wheels on the rear axle, and the Active Aero Splitter provides active high-speed downforce management.


Four versions are on display in Geneva: three Giulia Super versions with 180 HP 2.2-litre diesel or 200 HP 2.0-litre petrol engines and one Giulia Quadrifoglio with 510 HP 2.9-litre V6 BiTurbo Petrol engine. Specifically, the Giulia Super versions feature high quality leather interior with full-grain leather seats and dashboard, combined with a real wood interior trim, as well as 18" wheels,  8.8" Connect 3D Nav infotainment system and exclusive aluminium gearchange paddles fixed to the steering column.


The Giulia Quadrifoglio on display in Competition Red is available in a sporty configuration with 19" ultralight wheels, carbon ceramic brakes and Sparco seats with carbon fibre shell.


New Giulietta and New Mito


Alfa Romeo's news does not stop with the eagerly-awaited Giulia; indeed, the brand has undergone a whole makeover. The spotlights at the show will also be trained on the New Giulietta and New Mito, the two restyled models which present a notable family feeling with the enchanting Giulia, as can be seen in the new nose that features an unprecedented grille and the legendary trefoil nose, arguably one of the most famous and recognisable symbols in the automotive world. The lettering of the names "Giulietta" and "Mito" also nods to that of the "Giulia", with both cars sporting the refreshed Alfa Romeo brand logo.


The ranges of the two new models were conceived and optimised so customers can more simply and quickly pick the version most suited to their inclinations and needs and then customise it with optional equipment and accessories. The New Giulietta comes with a host of important innovations, such as the bolder sport characterisation, unprecedented 120 HP 1.6-litre JTDm turbo diesel engine, paired with the innovative Alfa TCT automatic transmission, and the extremely useful LIVE services on the Connect 6.5" system. On sale from early March across the main European markets, the New Giulietta is displayed in Geneva in two versions: the high-performance 240 HP Veloce 1750 Turbo petrol version and the 120 HP Super 1.6-litre JTDm versions, both with TCT automatic transmission. The exterior of the former is particularly eye-catching, thanks to the new sports bumpers with red inserts, polished anthracite finish, glass roof, Brembo braking system with red brake callipers and new 18" burnished alloy wheels. The same sporty imprint has been given to the interior, enhanced by sports seats in leather and Alcantara with red stitching and leather steering wheel. Alongside the Giulietta Veloce version, curious visitors will be able to get up close and personal with the Super version featuring tobacco leather seats, new inset dashboard with matt black brushed finish, 18" alloy wheels, chrome-plated exterior trim and a new exhaust pipe.


In a worldwide preview, the New Mito will be débuting in the Alfa Romeo stand, with a host of restyled features, while maintaining its position as small sport car capable of winning over customers attracted by its Italian style and technical excellence, for utter driving satisfaction. The Geneva International Motor Show will be centre stage for the sportier version in the range - the 170 HP Veloce 1.4-litre MultiAir Turbo Petrol version and TCT automatic transmission - featuring new Sabelt sports seats with black fabric and Alcantara upholstery. The New Mito will be available across Italy and France from June, and thereafter in other countries.


4C Coupé and 4C Spider


The limelight will also be shared by the captivating Alfa Romeo 4C, in Coupé and Spider versions, a modern icon of the brand and representing the sports soul written into to the Alfa Romeo DNA: optimum performance and excellent engineering designed for ultimate pleasure to drive in breathtaking style.


Both cars are fitted with the powerful turbocharged all-aluminium direct injection engine with 1,750 cm3 with dual continuous variable valve timing guaranteeing performance levels comparable to those of a supercar: top speed of 258 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, 1.1 g lateral acceleration and 1.25 g maximum braking deceleration.

The supercar spirit is also obvious in the choice of ultralight materials used: carbon fibre for the shell, aluminium for the front and rear chassis framework and SMC (low-density compound) for the bodywork.


The Swiss catwalk will see the likes of a 4C Spider in metallic Stromboli Grey, featuring carbon fibre roll-bar cover as well as the new titanium central dual-mode exhaust system by Akrapovič. In addition, to add a splash of style and enhance light weight and performance levels, the car features burnished finish spoked wheels (18"at the front and 19" at the rear), as well as carbon fibre exterior components such as the air intakes on the side and front bumper and the door mirrors. Last but not least, the red brake callipers, the red leather sports seats and the leather interiors with carbon fibre trim complete the standard equipment of the convertible on show in Geneva.


The stand will also proudly present the multi award-winning 4C Coupé with a three-coat Trofeo White livery and featuring a roof and carbon fibre elements (such as the air intakes on the side and front bumper, door mirrors and rear spoiler), black brake callipers, titanium central dual-mode exhaust system by Akrapovič and differentiated 5-hole wheels (18" at the front and 19" at the rear) with burnished finish. Inside, the special sports seats in leather and black microfiber with contrasting red stitching will definitely be eye-catching, also in this case accompanied by leather door panels and dashboard as well as carbon fibre details.




Alfa Romeo comes back to the Geneva International Motor Show with a renovated display area featuring unprecedented construction details and a sophisticated game of lights that emphasise the major new product features. The Alfa Romeo stand therefore has a striking appearance, backed by the classic red LED backdrop on a black field, the brand's core styling strengths; traditional glass walls, expressing the high-quality concept inherent in Alfa Romeo's DNA; along with a sports-based texture for the floor, to emphasise the legendary performance of Alfa cars.


The new Giulia is to be the undisputed star of the show: the three Super versions are housed on a platform outlined by red LED lights and, thanks to an "augmented reality" station, visitors can find out more about the most innovative technological features of the high-performance Giulia Quadrifoglio. Set around the queen bee of the stand, the other models in the range fan out, namely the New Giulietta, the New Mito, the 4C Spider and the 4C Coupé. These extraordinary products confirm how, for over one century, Alfa Romeo cars have been dedicated to those who expect their car to transcend the concept of "useful means of transport" and cross over to that of "real emotions".


An area of the stand is dedicated to Mopar, the reference brand for services, Customer Care, original parts and accessories for FCA brands. Specifically, the new Alfa Romeo merchandise collection makes its début in Geneva, picking up on the restyled logo in its graphic components. The collection features a selection of items designed specifically with the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, first-class technical products made with high-performance materials such as carbon, aluminium or Nycroteh. Specifically, the collection comprises several lines: from clothing, the main garment being a modular jacket made in rainproof softshell fabric, to leather goods, including a Unisex overnight bag made with high-tech material and leather with brushed metal finish, and even the line of accessories with men's wallet and specific key rings. Last but not least, the display wall by Mopar features certain accessories dedicated to the Alfa Romeo 4C, Giulietta and Giulia models. In particular, the latter vehicle can sport a carbon and Alcantara steering wheel while the mirror caps and the heel pad are available in carbon.


Finally, thanks to the informative leaflets and the special elements placed on the stand, the audience will get a chance to become acquainted with the products of FCA Bank, the financial company specialising in the automotive sector. The company operates on the main European markets - in Switzerland through FCA Capital Suisse SA - with a sole mission: supporting the sales of all FCA brand vehicles through innovative financial products and high added value services dedicated to dealer networks, private clients and companies.